Recording sound at position and playback through Audio Cue

Hey all - I’m looking to setup a sort of security camera blueprint - essentially capture both video and audio at a specific location, and play it back on a screen/actor in the world. The video is simple enough to me - use a render target.

I’m stumped on the audio though. I’ve found the Sound Bus class and it does seem to sort of achieve what I want - route audio to another location using a bus via the AudioCapture component - but this means that the sounds being played near/from the listening location HAVE to have that Post-Effect Bus Send added with the specific bus… right? Ideally, I want to pick up any and all sounds from that location given the audio attenuation settings at the listening spot.

Is there some sort of default post-effect bus send setting I’m missing to apply to all audio, or perhaps a built in component I’m missing that achieves what I’m trying to do already? I can’t seem to find really any helpful information about this online.