Recording screenplay

I need to record screen play I seen in another thread that camtasia was good but while it was recorded well when i produce it, the picture is all blurry even on 720

anyone got any ideas? a blurry video is not impressing anyone lol

-use fraps
-when you dont need the audio you could also use matinee
-with which resolution have you recorded?
-is the video in a good quality after you recorded it? -> in the preview when the file is saving after you have stopped the recording :slight_smile:

I use OBS because it is free and gets the job done. I record 1080p 60fps 8000Kbps for direct to Youtube videos, if you want to edit them you use a higher bitrate. For tutorials I use Monitor Capture and PIE, game footage you use Game Capture or Window Capture.

Example of OBS PIE quality

I have to second OBS, it’s one of the best video capture programs I’ve used, and if you tweak it properly, unparalleled in quality.

Thirded, OBS is the thing to use. File sizes are far better than fraps. Its free. You can tweak its quality settings to a great degree. Use it.

I have to fourth OBS … I have a commercial version of FRAPS and OBS is just so much lighter on resources than FRAPS and gives me so much more flexibility.

Open Broadcaster Software

OBS also lets you record using the QuickSync feature of your Intel Processor but you have to enable it in the BIOS first. QuickSync is very good if you don’t have a good enough processor to record x264 but you do sacrifice in quality during motion scenes. I do not suggest trying to stream using QuickSync, it is only good for high Kbps local recordings, the low Kbps requirements for streaming cause QuickSync to look like utter garbage

If you have a newer nvidia graphics card, Shadowplay has been working wonderfully for me :). Super-high performance and quality of video/audio recording.

I have a gtx 780 ti, think that will work well with shadow play for recording the in engine stuff?

Shadowplay looks really good and has awesome performance, but has a hell of a lot of issues. A key one here would be that I’m pretty sure it only works with specific games available in GForce Experience, making it unusable for recording your own games. It also has to be true full-screen.

Same card as mine and I use Shadowplay for everything

Things that go bump is sometimes the microphone shuts off by its self and you have to turn off Shadowplay and turn it back on.

To do full screen captures you will need to use a Windows Aero theme and in SP’s preference check Allow Desktop capture.

The cool thing is it’s just there, just like your mouse, and you only need to hit alt-f9 and off you go.

Shadowplay uses Nvidias NVENC (encoder) as far as I know. It is also available in OBS if you look in the settings. This means you have the performance of Shadowplay, but with a lot more features. I highly recommend OBS because of this. :slight_smile:

I use both fraps and OBS. Fraps has some issues hooking to independent editor windows if that’s what you’re trying to record, I have to minimize the editor to get it to hook properly. Other than that, no issues. But yes, if you don’t like to manually encode stuff, OBS is the way to go.

Camtasia is dreadful.

Shadow play works well. I used it for all my youtube videos for my game development vlog.
That said, I just started streaming and use OBS which is great for the overlays!

right? camtasia is horrid lol.

Thowing my weight in with OBS for high quality recordings (if configured correctly).

If you just want a shot small snippet to send to someone when asking for help etc then Its a small webm screen recorder and uploader.

I also recommend OBS: free + good quality/performance
For screenshots I recommend the built in feature to take screenshots of PIE. It’s in one of the dropdowns in the editor. Not quite sure where exactly. This produces super highres/quality screenshots.