Recording Material Parameter Collection in Sequencer

Working on some cinematic tests and discovered an unfortunate event.
My character has wrinkle maps driven by a Material Parameter Collection with its scalar values in turn taken by the curve data from Morph Targets being driven by Livelink.
While recording takes in Sequencer everything seems to record nicely with exception of the MPC. Nothing gets ‘keyed’ in while doing live takes. This occurs to me that the Anim Blue Print is getting the curve data live but nothing is recording in the MPC track. I can manually keyframe but this is undesirable.

Since the character blueprint is trying to read the curve values live, I made an additional test character blueprint reading back played anim instances and retrieving the curves from the playback. In playing in editor this works but again when I set the animation in Sequencer the material fails to update or retrieve the values. Its almost as if sequencer is in background creating separate instances of objects in scene and the blueprint isn’t fetching the correct target anymore to get the curve data.

Anyone know of a solution to this or a better way to achieve this outcome? Thanks!

Video of hand keyed MPC values(Goal). Editor shots of the absent data and issue.