Recording animation to an array (including skeletal???)

I’m interested in recording sessions of play for certain objects in my game. There aren’t many I need to record so for example, I have about 5 objects which I want to record 6dof (2 vectors) per tick, and I want to record for about 3 minutes - Will there be a problem in creating an array of this size?

Second part of the problem is that i’m getting a skeletal animation into the UE from an external motion capture source. I’m not that hot on the animation blueprint (my character is driven over a socket connection through a plugin straight into the animation blueprint) but can I get hold of that whole skeletal animation data set each frame and similarly record it each tick? - I can’t see a way to create an array in the animation blueprint - can I get a handle on my character in a normal blueprint and pull the data out there?

If I do this (5 objects + a skeletal animation for about 3 mins) will I run out of memory? Should I be streaming out to a file or something? Am I in the right forum page?

BTW, I know there’s the demorec function, but I can’t get it to work without crashing - also I want more control over the data once i’ve sampled it.

Thanks for any help.