Recording a scene

I am not sure if I am asking the correct questions, let alone asking in the correct forum. I’d appreciate it if someone pointing me in the correct direction. I am very new to UE4 therefore this is may be a very noobie question.

I am setting up an environment in which the main actor is inside a room. The room has windows on two side. For “realism” to the scene I am building, I’d like to have other characters (people) walking by the windows, outside of the room.

I have the necessary animation sequences like walking, turn left/right, etc. but I am not sure how to put them together. I’ve read many articles and watched many videos and tutorials but they mostly assume the viewer already knows about the different APIs I am thinking about building an animation montage or even building animation blending. Am I on the right track?

Would I have to “possess” this character and have the character walk outside while somehow recording the movements? Similar to filming a movie and then apply the different animations?

Thanks for taking the time to review and possibly answer this question.

You could do it that way yes, or just give them AI controllers and trigger them to Move to Location at different times (add a navmesh to your level too.

You could even go super simple and just set up the walkers to loop walking am in no matrer what and just move them along a straight line instead of them being a character pawn just be a skeletal mesh actor thats gliding along a line while animating.