Recorded animation time different from original

I recently posted a question here, and realized that maybe i posted it in the wrong section, so here we go. On a side note, can i chage section for a question i already posted? :wink:

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I have now tried to record a looping animation several times and after failing to get the animation to loop again, i finally noticed that i can’t get the excact same time on my recorded animation as my original, even though they have the same number of frames. Anyone seen this before and can explain it?

I’ve made a video of it here to show what i talk about. I’ve also reproduced this problem with one of the Free ASP animations.

So in short: Is this a bug or me doing something wrong?

Hey aloneball,

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Anyways, I dug into this issue quite a bit and discovered that part of the issue is that the Record Animation feature can start recording “between frames”. The editor doesn’t technically handle animations by frames and the frames you see in the timeline are mainly there for reference. HOWEVER, because the “Remove frames x to y” feature uses these superficial frame numbers to crop the animation, it causes a bit of a breakdown when the two features are combined. You CAN get it looping pretty well, but you’ll really have to eyeball it instead of trying to go by the frame count. I have entered UE-26666 as a bug.

While I was messing around with this, I also came up with a decent feature request to help with cropping the animation. I requested that Recorded animations throw notifies into the new animation marking the loop points. These would be deleted later, but it seemed like something that would really help with cropping. That’s UE-26667.


Hi , and thanks for getting back.

I’ve actually also posted a suggestion here: Suggestion: Export animation as retargeted - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums it is related to this post. Instead of a notifier i suggest a “export as what you see” button.

One other way of solving this could be to add a record-when-loop, allowing the user to press a button, and once the clip loops, it will start recording. Im gonna close that other post as answered by this one.

I added that info as alternate suggestions to UE-26667