Record video or access pixel data on iOS

Is there an easy way to record a video from an Unreal camera in iOS? Without using ReplayKit. I have an AR app that I would like to create a video recording function that will save a video to Photos or share it over messages. ReplayKit is fine and there is this plugin for it: GitHub - PushkinStudio/PsReplayKit: Unreal Engine 4 plugin for iOS to record or stream video from. But it records all the screen elements including UI, so is not a good solution for us. Ideally we could get access to the raw pixel data or video and audio data for each frame and write our own video recorder. Anyone know if this is possible?

Hey CSpecter - Sorry not an answer but another question… Do you have an example script of how to get the PSReplayKit setup for IOS recording? It crashes for me on calling the ‘start recording’ action.