Record rag doll physics into keyframes?

Is it possible to record a character’s rag doll physics motion in take recorder and convert to keyframes? I am working on some virtual production clips and would love to run a rag doll simulation and record the motion and be able to apply to other characters via keyframes.

Is this possible?

When you use Take Recorder, select the skeletal mesh and then hit record.
It will record any movement done by the character, including baking the ragdoll simulation into the skeleton.
You’ll end up with a classic keyframe animation, which will match 1:1 the ragdoll simulation you did when recording.

Thanks! I’ll try it out!

HELLO!!! i had a similar idea but i am having trouble finding an example of how to get ragdoll to play after a bity of a delay? can you point me to the example that helped you achieve this? i am in cinematics not game play, not sure if it matters. any help is greatly appreciated.