Record players movement

I want to be able to record all of the players movements and then later have an AI act them out. Is there a way to record the path and then have the AI follow it?

Yeah, i think you can, all you have to do is create a list of transform, then add player transform to that list each second or so, then when player are done, you can paste that list to the AI and make them to follow the route. You can also save the transform list to a save game so that you can use the same player movements later. Kinda like the replay function of the example game project Shooter game. All the extra movement, such as jumpimng, shooting, climbing,… can also be included by replace the list of transform with a list of custom structure.

Thanks I figured it out. I used add movement input instead and recorded the axis vaules.

Hello, I want to do the exact same thing that you ask but I can’t find and can’t do something that is working, can you show me your process to record the movement input and replay everything to a pawn?