Record movie from inside a packaged game.

Hello mate, as the title suggest, i want to ask that is it possible to record movie from inside a package game? And is it possible to do something like the kill cam in Call Of Duty, where you can see how you died and stuff for a short amount of time and then we can saved that movie to a hard drive? Of all the search result that turn up, i find most of them are instruction about how to use matinee from editor, and only this one question that is manage to come close to my requirement:
Sadly i find nothing useful to my case.
Thank you very much for reading my question, and i am really looking forward to your answer.
Update1: I am thinking about taking a bunch of screenshot, then write a small c++ dll to make a movie from all of those .bmp files. But i think this is more like a hack than a proper solution.
Update2: New problem, it seem like i can’t load bitmap created by command Shot, if i create a bitmap with paint then load it with LoadImage function, it work fine, but too bad i can’t say the same about bitmap made by unreal.
Also, it maybe not relate but when i try to use ACDSee Photo manager 2009 to view bitmap files made by unreal, i can only see a dark screen, while using Window photo viewer there isn’t any problem. If i use a bitmap made by paint or some source other than unreal, both those program can display the bitmap just fine.
Ps: i am really sorry for create a new thread in forum while having the same question in UE4 AnswerHub, but i am in dire need to have someone confirm to me, is it possible to record movie inside a package game at the moment?


You can start your game with parameters:


All captured frame you find in this place:** \MyGame\Saved\Screenshots**

About other command line parameters you can read in this doc

Thank you for your quick respond mate, really appreciate it. Here is what i did:
Create a txt file that contain “MyGame.exe” -ResX=960 -ResX=540 -BENCHMARK -FPS=24 -SILENT -NOWRITE -NOTEXTURESTREAMING -NOSOUND -DUMPMOVIE -WINDOWED, then change it’s extension to .bat. After that, run that bat file and it seem to work, all my frame are captured and save in \MyGame\Saved\Screenshots\ as .bmp with the prefix MovieFrame.
And here is my question:

  1. I can do the same with the Execute Console Command Shot in Development build, and i can switch on and off that command in game as i wish. So is there any big different between 2 method?
  2. So is it safe to say that at the moment, there is no way that while playing a package game, you can enable and disable the recording at will and then output a video file(such as .avi file) using the default engine code?