Record audio from headset during gameplay

Hi Forum,
for one of my projects (which ist more a learning plattform than a game) I would like to be able to record audio from a headset during gameplay and then replay it later as a soundwave. I did some research but didn’t find anything usefull yet. It seems like that webcam streaming will be integrated later (4.8). This could be a solution, but I surmise that this would be only live streaming without beeing able to actualy safe the input. Perhabs someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks a lot!

Did you come up with anything?

No. I just found some posts in which someone uses microphone input for gameplay interaction (breath control -so cool) and for speech to text input (voyager demo):

But until I quit my recent job and learn c++ I don’t think I can get this work on my own :slight_smile: And nobody seems to safe the audio input to use this as a soundwave later in the game. Speech to text (like in the voyager demo) would also works for me, but I guess the windows speech recognition still sucks and would to frustrating for a chat system in VR.