Record animation inside Persona with synced key-frames?

Hi. Using additive poses, I am currently trying to add some missing animations to the Animation Starter Pack. For example, I made one to additively mod an animation with “rifle at hips” to ironsights. It seems I can actually get a lot of decent new stuff to work with this way.

So my question is: can I save an animation that I modified by blending things together into a single stand-alone animation sequence? Or would I have to write the code for that myself?.. I don’t want to have unnecessary blending operations working in the background and slowing things down all the time.

By now I figured out you can use an animation blueprint’s preview output and record it. That’s kinda nice. But it would be even better, if you could modify a base-sequence on a key-per-key frame basis. I don’t think that’s possible, is it?

Here’s what I did: I took the starter kit’s run/jog forward with rifle at hips animation and applied an additive pose to it that uses the aimspace_ironsights-centered pose on top of the aimspace_hip-centered pose as base. I let it play, recorded the blended result and cut out one loop/cycle. The final animation has 47 instead of 45 frames now, but I guess that’s as close as I will get, right?


All I really need to know now is if it’s possible somehow to sync the animation playing in Persona with the recorder, so that one key-frame is recorded on every key-frame of the recorded animation. It seems so simple, but I can’t see a way to do this :frowning:

I found a nice solution! I derived an AnimInstance and coded a kind of stop-motion player in the native(c++) update function.

This way only key-frames ever get played without any interpolation between them. And since the FPS are the same for recording and playing (at least for the anims I tested with), I can now modify and record a sequence key-frame by key-frame and only need to cut off some frames at the end and beginning.

After some more testing, I am not so sure about the exact “per key-frame” recording anymore. No matter what I do, there always appear some interpolated frames in the recording that simply shouldn’t be there, most notably right before and right after the actual animation.

I guess this isn’t worth the struggle, the blended results look good anyway.

… still, if anyone knows a way (by recording or by code) to modify an animation and leave the original key-frames in place, I’d like to know.

Hi MaxPower,

perhaps you can help me with my master thesis.

I got live motioncapture data in unreal. I wrote a plugin to do that. One or more Chracters can happily jump around in my scene.

Now I “just” want to record this data somehow, but I dont know how. I tried the “Sequence Recorder” but it only takes all the Components of my Chracter themselfes, instead of the movements of the skeleton inside the character. So I found the record BUtton in the Skeleton Editor, that does exactly what I want, but only in “offline Mode” and not while playing the Scene.

Is it possible to drive a record of the bones of my Character, to produce an animation clip or so?

Very Best!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been dealing with this… So, you directly feed your characters mocap input and want to record it while in play-mode? Not sure I can help you with that. I only ever recorded animations from the anim-BP window in editor-mode. You can select an instance/character there in play-mode, but iirc that will only show you states, flow, variables etc., no synced “preview” animation on the left to record. I would try making it work outside of playmode in the generic anim BP, but since I have no idea how you’re doing it, I don’t think I can help you.