Record animation at runtime for cinematic?

I’ve been through the tutorials and tried searching this forum with all kinds of different terms, but I can’t figure out how to do this or if it’s even possible:

Is there a way to record gameplay not as video but as animation curves? Here’s the scenario:

Using the Advanced Vehicle template, I want to record driving the car from starting position to just after completing the first loop. I want to be able to play this back.

Also: I want telemetry from the suspension and wheels. In other words, I want the XYZ rotations of the wheels, the steering, and the translations of the suspension travel to be saved as animation curves, which can be referenced by other actors during playback.

Finally, I want to save the recorded move out to FBX for import to a DCC package.


  1. I can’t figure out how to just “record” the actors’ motion as raw data in Matinee (or if it’s possible).
  2. The vehicle doesn’t exist until the level begins play, so there’s nothing to record.

From what the tutorials seem to say about Matinee, it looks like it can drive skeletal mesh animation directly, but there’s no facility for recording anything but a .avi of gameplay. Please tell me I’m wrong and where to go look for the answers. Thanks!

Hi. I’m trying figure out how to do this too. After ue 4.6 added demorec mode for instant replay I think that is possible. Let’s see what dev core has to say.

Just updating this… Another thread I found said the demorec functionality is really bare bones right now, and is to be part of upcoming spectator and net replay modes. What I’m going after really is machinima/filmmaking functionality. I want to record the action, then shoot it from whatever angle I want.

Unfortunately there is no way to record the game action to animation right now. I added functionality of recording component’s to animation in Persona/PhAT for 4.7, but not in-game action.
We can extend this to in-game, but that will require some thought-through -i.e. how to integrate and how to output or if you’d like to record multiple actors. I think the easiest thing is to record all skeletalmeshcomponent with animation in the level and output to multiple animation files. We’ll look into this in the future.

The replay mode is not about recording as animation but more of state recording, so that we can reply it.



Thanks! A workflow like that could really open up Unreal as a virtual cinematography and previsualization platform. Currently the competition is either nonexistent, horrendously expensive, not ready, or not available. I’m hoping it can be part of the Unreal road map on Trello.

Hi Lina,

Is there something planned in the near future for this request. I saw nothing about this feature in the Trello roadmap…


Ditto - I’d love to hear an update on this, would be invaluable for filmmakers…

It would be very useful to make ghosts for racing games, or instant replay: bump! :slight_smile:

actually isn’t is exactly this feature?

but it’s still in beta so far, should be released with next version i think (4.11 atm)