recontruction region divide into grid

I know reconstruction regions are in plain text and easy to write a script to do this (if your good at that).

but it would be nice if you could set one large reconstruction region, have have tool that can split it into a grid of say 3x3, 5x5 etc… having an option for how much overlap.

this could just save out 9,16,or 25 etc reconstruction region files.

in the future having something like this work with network processing would be great too.

Another option would be to somehow keep the corner points of the region while moving it so that one can position the box by snaping it to 4 of its old corner points without changing the size.
In *** you can drag the box and flip it over itself, so that one corner always stays in place which is also a possibility of creating smaller reconstruction areas that line up exactly with its neighbor.

I totally agree with Chris, will be really helpful and time saving to have more option to work with reconstruction region. Right now when I export region and split them by mats /divide rrPosZ by 2 and rrScaleZ by 2/  the bottom plane is not on correct position


thanks for the feedback, I have added everyone in this post to the feature request and this will up the priority.

Add my request to this list


Dear gregdowning, your vote was added.