reconstruction failed :(

Hi. I put in e57 laser scan, and start creating virtual reality. but this was failed.


Another computer is working, but this program is not working this computer.


How can i do this problem?


Hi metalheader70,

there have been few similar tickets to yours, and it seems that there may be an issue with that particular version of Windows. I would recommend re-installing your Windows, since it helped one of the users to fix their problem. 
If you are not willing to re-install your OS, I would recommend looking up for the Windows Media files - if some are missing, or maybe were not downloaded correctly.
Removing RC registry files from your PC is also an option to try. You can easily find on the internet how to remove registry files of a certain software, since I am not able to send you links to different websites.
We are not sure what may be causing this issue. It could be the auto save (I recommend disabling it), or maybe some of the inputs were corrupted during the process.