Reconstructing a wall Brick by Brick

On Begin play I turn on the physics bodies for each brick in the wall. I’d like to make it so when the player stands near the wall and holds a button down the wall is reconstructed brick by brick.
I know I could do this if I exported every brick as a static mesh, then reconstructed the wall in the blueprint, but I want to export the completed wall straight from maya as one Skeletal Mesh to save time. (I’d also have to set up physics bodies on every individual static mesh).

In Blueprints I’m failing to make an array of bones, let alone store their locations/rotations. My idea was to create an array of locations before the wall collapses, and then another array of current locations/rotations, so I can lerp between the two.

Poseable meshes do seem to have more functions I can call like Get Bone Location By Name and Set Bone Location by Name. However, Poseable meshes don’t allow for Physics bodies.

Any advice would be great thanks.

Hi! As for meshes with bones you can configure their physics bodies in PHAT Editor. And of course you need to manipulate ratio between animation movement and physics movement of each bone. Here are some links that may help you

Did you see this:

they did the whole thing in the material ( after setting it up in 3ds )