reconstruct broken mp4?


i have some videos taken with a samsung s3 mini that were deleted.
i managed to recover the data but the videos are corrupt.
opening the files in vs it looks like they have no header and have portions of blank data.
anyone have any experience of this kind of thing?

ive tried Grau GmbH but it just gives a blank image or a video of 0 length.
any other software for this?
or is there a way of doing it manually in vs?


No pro, but have had to do this for friends and family. Often have luck using VLC.
At least if I can drag or scrub the video along, I can see if anything will play, then convert.
Otherwise I just try different players or converters, and see if there’s any more luck there…
File recovery programs are hit and miss, esp if the HDD/SD/internal-mem gets reallocated.
But you’re happy you had a good bite at that and the recovery process was solid…?

thanks you 2
tried everything i can find now and still nothing fixes them.
looks like i might have to look into streaming the data somehow but its all way beyond me atm

I purchased PhotoRescue and was unable to recover. After a bit more digging I found Disk Drill Android Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X [Mar. 2021] and downloaded the trial and ran the program. I found I was able to see what was seemingly lost.
Within the next hour I had recovered ALL of my files where PhotoRescue could not.
Was skeptical at first but was able to recover 500mb. Works as advertised.

Were you able to find a solution?

no sorry i didnt

When you say “vs” do you mean visual studio? I developed a program to parse video files. It breaks down videos frame by frame on a time line. From there you can edit the video and compress the frames back together. I can give you some source code to break the frames out. I don’t know how it will handle corrupted files but it is a start. Let me know if you want to try. You won’t need any special libraries, just Windows OS. It uses a .Net library.