reconnecting to a previous mod id

due to an issue with my pc i had to completely reinstall the dev kit i had pulled my mod files off and saved them but when i tried to go in and update it it will not allow to upload it the cook is successful. how do i connect it back to my old workshop id

Publish & upload it as a new mod, hidden or private. Close the devkit, browse to & open “YourDrive:\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved\Mods.db”. Locate your freshly created new mod id and replace it with the original one. Save, open devkit and now the “View item on workshop” link should take you to the original mod.
You can go 1 step further and copy the new mod info from mods.db and paste a copy of the info. Set one to the original id, the other one to the new id. You now have a public and hidden/private version of your mod for testing.

This is a very helpful piece of information. Had to do a format, but even with the devkit being on another drive it wants to install fresh (which is a bit strange).
Just glad there’s a work around. Thanks Pok3r.