Recomputing Normals

Hey guys,
I’m having an issue with lighting skeletal meshes (engine v4.12.5). In our game, we’ve engineered a system that allows characters to gain fat or muscle depending on their play style. To do this, we have additive animations that control ‘body dynamic’ bones (the bones define most of the changes, morph targets help smooth things out where necessary). Since we translate some skinned bones in these body dynamic animations, and therefore some verts, some of the resulting normals on said verts are incorrect.

I’m looking for leads on a way to re-calculate these invalid normals at runtime (or at import-time and encode them into a corrective blend shape perhaps).

Recomputing normals at runtime seems like something someone may have already made a plugin/library/code-snippet for, but I have yet to find anything on the marketplace or internet. Any tips or suggestions?