Recompute Normals?

Hi Guys!

Im working with the Unreal Engine 4 a few days now.
After Import my Mesh, it looks so:

And i must klick and apply “Recompute Normals” to get the Mesh look normal.
Why is this so and has this option aftereffects to the Materials i add to the mesh?

Greetings from Germany

Where do you click what to recalculate normals? Could you be more specific, please - I am unable finding any such option/button in the Editor…


Double-click the mesh to do it for (or right-click the mesh and select ‘Edit mesh001…’ or whatever the file name is). It opens it in the mesh editor. At the right, expand Build settings and check “Recompute Normals” in the list, and click Apply further below. Sometimes, enabling / disabling other settings in the Build list is required or helps to see a difference in quality or how the mesh changes based on combining those other settings with utilizing Recompute Normals.