Recommended workflow for complex hierarchies

Hello, I come from 5+ years of Unity development and am looking for advice as to how convert a complex prefab into Unreal Engine and so far I’m stuck on a seemingly simple problem : complex hierarchies.

So in Unity, we have a vehicle prefab containing a skeletal mesh and a complex hierarchy of gameplay actions and requirements components creating a guided tour of the asset. Each component has different behaviour and could be connected to many other gameobjects for different reasons.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to attach components on individual bones in editor so the solution seems to create all components and attach them to bones at runtime using names. But that seems complex to me, and once you get to 100s of components, the blueprint is going to be extremely convoluted to create and understand. (For context, our current vehicle asset has over 500 individual components and pieces.)

What is the preferred workflow for implementing such a complex asset in Unreal Engine ?