Recommended workflow for 3d assets?

Hello all.
I started working on 3d assets for my game a month ago. Im on beggining on my learning way so i dont want to learn bad things, i want to focus on the best/most efficient workflow for 3d assets.

My current workflow:
-low poly mesh
-high poly mesh from low poly (beveling or details)
-bake in sub. painter
-texturing in painter
-engine export (and if needed then some corrections)

But last days i found very nice sculptures made by some artists and i seen one workflow like this:
-hi poly sculpture

Basically start is so different from mine (i start from low to high but this is from high to low)

Any suggestions guys? In 4 days my painter trial ends but i really likd working in painter so im going to put 300$ for that (i read somewhere designer is also very worth it) but i pretty like sculptures in zbrush too but its a little expensive for me… is zbrush worth it?
Thanks for suggestions.

It all depends on what kind of model you’re working on. Both workflows are good for different things. Sculpting is generally better for making complex organic shapes (like characters or animals or lumpy rocks) and doing a “low poly version” first is often much faster for man made objects (that you can break down into simpler shapes) like pencils or chairs or houses.

Also ZBrush is really good and there’s so much amazing art done with it, but it’s a pain to learn and indeed quite expensive. There are sculpting tools in most of the popular 3D modelling programs now too though (Blender, Maya and Modo have them) and there are a number of other sculpting programs as well, like the free Sculptris (pretty basic, but hey, it’s free) Mudbox (but it’s from Autodesk, so it’s only got a 10$ a month subscription and you can’t buy it) and 3D-Coat (which is about half the price of ZBrush, does a lot of things really well, but doesn’t have some fancy features like FiberMesh) I personally use 3D-Coat for sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, baking and texture painting. I think they all have free trials though, so do try them out and see which ones you like before you buy something you don’t like.

Thank you a lot for clarifying. This make sense. Im doing now simple static meshes like wall, tombstone or piece of wood, but sculptures from zbrush were a lot more complex. Satysfying answer :slight_smile:

I would encourage you to investigate into Modular Entity Construction, its the future.

You mean something like this?: Over 9000 Swords in Weapons - UE Marketplace
I personally like this on characters and vehicles… Why do you think this is future? Fast and large content creation?

YES to all of the questions. I’m developing such a modular customization system for Monsters/Creatures.