Recommended way of creating ingame dashboards/instruments


I have tried searching on this topic, but really cant get any good answers. I want to create a in-game cockpit with dashboard that has different instruments. In short, I would like to have UMG widgets displayed on mesh as textures. For example think in game computer screen that shows real time data from game.
I know that I can use the 3D widget, but that component has been experimental for quite some time now, and as experimental, it can be dropped and be gone at any time. I can also use the text component for text, and that’s ok. But I am not sure how about animated images, textures, like a graphics bar that changes depending on some parameter.

How would you go about making such a component? What would be the Unreal recommended way of doing this?

Cool idea. Most or all of that you can do in materials, and apply them to simple planes. For example for animated textures, check this thread. You should be able to find plenty of tutorials on how to make linear or radial “health bar” materials. If you want things (like a health bar) to change dynamically via blueprints, just set up a parameter and set that in your blueprint. If you want parameters to animate based on a curve and only at certain times you can set them with timelines (for example if you wanted a display to flash brighter or to a different color on certain events). Constant pulsing effects you can do in the material with sine waves based on time, etc.

Thanx for the thread tip , looks interesting. The best way right now and most easiest for me would be to just use the 3D widget component, because in the end, its a user interface plastered on a mesh face what I want. But the thing that is bugging me is the experimental tag on it. I have seen a few games in works, that do exactly what I mean, 2 games that i can think of that have handheld computers on chars hand, that shows real time info, but cant find any info on how they went about it.