Recommended Mesh Editor?

I’m a modeling amateur (I’m a programmer by trade), but would like to make meshes for my game. Any recommendations for a cheap model editor with a low learning curve?

What about Blender? It’s free.


I also recommend you blender, because its free and you can nearly do everything with it :slight_smile: But be sure to think about it before you start using blender, because in my opinion it’s pretty hard to switch to 3d or maya after you have some experience with blender

Blender is very good as a 3D program, if you are looking at paid apps you can also download trials for the other ones.

I use 3ds and Maya. These are top of the line, but very pricey! However they have student versions for free. I would recommend looking into them here!

Thanks! I don’t mind using trials/student ones until I actually have a product to sell, I just wanted to make sure they don’t require a design degree to make something useful. Free is great, but I get a feeling of dread thinking about spending 100 hours trying to learn how to make a spline behave just so, or deal with 1,000,000 extra vertexes that sprang out of nowhere, or precisely align texture map seams.

Could someone help me how to get my assets out from Blender? I save them as an FBX, but when I build lighting it just turn completly black. I tried generating a UV in UE4, but still just turns black…

Create a 2nd uv channel in blender

  1. select mesh
  2. Create a 2nd uv channel (little +)
  3. press space - type in smart - and choose smart uv projection
  4. create new picture (+) and choose a resolution
  5. press alt+A and ctrl+p

Do you use a map with your own light setup or a template map?