Recommended learning path - C++ in Unreal

Hi all,

I jumped from Unity to Unreal Engine 4, did some blueprints, all was really fun, ok now I am hooked; then I have read that the blueprint performance is not so good compared with C++, so I would like to now start learning how to use C++ in Unreal.
My question is, is there some sort of “official” learning path, for the Unreal Engine API? I mean all these references to the Unreal objects. I found some tutorials on Youtube but maybe there is also some beginner/intermediate/advanced series or whatever, to learn how to use C++ in Unreal Engine? Concrete example, if I want to know in some function that my character is running or not, in the blueprint I look at getvelocity, I can imagine these return UE Api types, so is there some learn-by-example documentation on these?

Many thanks,

Please disregard this post, I somehow missed the sticky on top of this section with Getting Started :open_mouth: