Recommended Landscape Sizes missing?

So it used to be that This Page had a chart of the recommended landscape sizes but its now gone missing. Any idea what happened with it?

I found the recommended sizes of the Unreal Engine 3 : Landscape Sizes

No idea if it’s still relevant for UE4

It must have the same principle. But size of quads, sections…etc and the other information can be digged out here. Creating Landscapes in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Yeah its basically the same only difference is the maximum size has gone up to 8129. I figured that out based on a previous heightmap I exported. Still strange that its been taken down.

Hi TorQueMoD , not sure if you still need the info , was looking for it myself yesterday, atm it sits here’s

Thanks Geo! Took a screenshot in case they decide to move it around again :slight_smile: