Recommended GPU for a beginner in realtime archviz

Hello everyone
Rendering stills from Max is fine and dandy, but it looks like this real time virtual reality is not something that will go away. So I was thinking of starting to learn UE. Do you think this card would be good enough for such purposes?

This is what i hope to be able to do one day

Thanks in advance!

Any mid to high end card would do so long you’re fairly careful with your poly count.
You should worry more about the cpu and memory since you’ll be doing a lot of light baking

While searching the net I got the impression that for archviz GPU is more important. What CPU is to CPU rendering engines, GPU is to realtime archviz creation. Is that wrong? Quotes like “get the best money can buy”, “archviz is different than gaming”, “anything under 4gb VRAM simply will not do”, “lots of HQ textures”, “you wont be able to work with low specs card”… that sort of thing.
CPU is i7 @4.5Ghz with 32GB of RAM, I guess I’m OK in that department.

Just as a reference, would it be possible to create interior like the one I linked above, with that GPU?

Rendering the scene in unreal (or any real-time engine) use GPU.

Building the scene lighting (lightmass is a G.I solver) use cpu+ram. You already have a good setup in that regard.

The 750ti won’t get your far. Look for a gtx 1060 if budget is tight, otherwise 1070 or 1080 with as much vram as possible on it. Welcome aboard!
When you use displacement, planar reflections, high resolution, supersampling and you want to record in high fps on top of that? the 750 will explode lol!
The gtx 1060 is an incredible bang for your bucks. I think the performance are similar to my gtx 980 that I bought 800$ last year :frowning:

The scene above is kinda high quality and the baking could take hours on a single i7. A gtx 750ti could potentially run it decently but definitely not in more than 1080p and forget recording footage smoothly with that gpu.

That’s not so bad, after all with vray, corona, or what ever, it takes hours for a single still shot :slight_smile:

Thanks on your help!

Yea it’s not too bad. Bake times can be long for high quality interiors but when you do exteriors you don’t need the quality to be as high because there is plenty of light hitting your scene. I usually can bake my exterior in 1-2 hours on max quality (10) without having to reduce the lightmass scale to ridiculous numbers (like .2) or tweak the ini files. For exteriors you don’t even need lightmass portals too, saving precious render time again.

I use a single i7 4790k (stock clock) and 16gb of ram.

It’s obviously much more fun to work like that than wait forever for vray/corona to render everything but of course it’s impossible to match the quality of offline renderers.