Recommendations for web-based UE4 content?

Hello folks- Could anyone recommend any sites or examples of UE4 projects exported to be viewed in web browsers? I’d be particularly interested in the area of architectural visualization.

The company I work for does architectural pre-viz, but to date we’ve strictly rendered out images and hosted them on a web page. I’ve been trying to push us towards the future and pursue some real-time rendering, but I need to impress my superiors with some existing examples so they know what’s possible. I’ve been working with UE4 for about a year now as a hobbyist, but I’ve never produced anything for a web browser.

I’d really love to see any examples you guys might be able to share, thank you for your time =)

If you just want examples of previous work I would look at these,

Architectural Visualization:

Released Projects:

Screenshot Saturday thread: Screenshot Saturday! - Showcase - Epic Developer Community Forums!

Hope this helps.

@Hypersapien - did you get reply to this ?