Recommendations for river and waterfall blueprints and / or tutorials?

Hey everyone -

I’m an archviz professional getting into Unreal. I’m looking to add some realism to my landscapes by using flowing water with streams, rivers, and / or waterfalls.

I’m already familiar with how the spline / mesh of a river would be constructed, but I’m completely unfamiliar with setting up the blueprint, and creating a material that flows and displaces when something comes in contact with it.

I already spend a lot of time creating my hero assets such as buildings and the like, so I really would rather learn by looking at / tweaking / understanding an already complete blueprint and working backward, as opposed to working through some random tutorial and getting things right by trial and error. I know that various devs have river tools on the Marketplace - some are less expensive, some are very expensive but have useful forest assets as part of their downloads.

Has anyone had any experience with any of the river tools available on the marketplace? Or, if I’m really just missing out on something good built-in to Unreal, any recommendations for a particular tutorial? My time is important so I’m willing to invest a little bit of money so that my time is spent being creative in using the particular tool rather than technical in creating it, if that makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

There’s river material in the free Soul City asset. It’s not super realistic but I’m sure you could make it work.
I think it also has falling water.

Here’s a video I randomly found for making your own flowing water.
Edit: Also there is I think a river material/setup in the free A boy and His Kite Demo but that project is like a 50gb download or something.