Recommendations for a "LEARN JAM"?

So my game dev club is hosting an “UNREAL Learn Jam” in a couple weeks and we’re looking for a good starter tutorial that we can have 10-20 people all follow along to. Unreal has many guides but also many outdated guides and we’re looking for something that’s fast and covers a lot. The event will be a whole 24 hours where half is spent learning C++ in Unreal and the other half is spent learning Blueprints.

Any tips, recommendations to any hefty video / text guides? Or will the default ones on the unreal site be good enough for us?

Thanks in advance!! :smiley: (p.s. I don’t mean to be demeaning just want to make this event successful)

This might be a good one for you. It’s very well done and includes looks at a lot of stuff so it’s very well rounded. Also, updated for 4.8.

Great! Thanks for the help!