Recommendation on creating Space Vistas

I was working on a Space Game and encounter issue.

What software (both 2D and 3D) tools do you recommend to create assets for similar scenes:

*And more complex incl 3D models *

In terms of assets, that Unreal engine 4 is good working with.
I could not found any useful information on this topic.

Especially I am interested Space Vistas, Nebulas, Galaxy-rendering, among others.

Thanks in advance for the help

There’s plenty of photoshop tutorials for space, nebulas, and similar effects.

Lots of tools out there for this, here’s one…

But sorry I feel I have to make a cautionary note here, that look has become a bit tired looking.
Its just used in so many other games and there are so many other similar tools to create it too.
So I recommend thinking out of the box. At the easiest level create a basic space skybox etc.
Then overlay 3D meshes with nebula like materials for example to create more rebust details.
But go further if you can. Imagine universes that don’t look like this at all. Watch lots of Sci–Fi!