Recommend me book for start learn Unreal Engine 4

Hi guys,

I’m new in here and I want to start learning about Unreal Engine 4. I know there got plenty of video tutorial and documentation to read but I prefer to read a physical book for starting. I would appreciate if you guys can recommend me a book for start learning Unreal Engine 4. Tq :cool:

UE4, Game Design, or Theory? What is your current expertise “level” in working with CG/3D?

I would say i’m just beginner in these field. I love gaming but I like to learn more about gaming. I want to develop a game. I have learn c++ programming in my school but never learn with CG/3D.

Here you can find a good digital book about the UE4 -> :slight_smile:

Good article about your question is :–gamedev

Thanks guys. Really appreciate what you guys did. :smiley:

Wooo Representin’!

Interaction of Color
Fundamentals of Game Design

Digital Modelling
Digital Lighting and Rendering
Digital Texturing and Painting

(Various books on religion and mythology)
(Various books on all things math, algebra, geometry, calculus, physics, etc…)

Depending on the game you want to create, you may also want to purchase a few books on chaos theory / artificial intelligence and large-scale database design (NoSQL, MySQL, SQL, Oracle).


There is a difference between “following some tutorials and putting together a “game” in a day” and actual game design.