Recommend a primer for very basic A.I. logic & flow

I don’t want to thread-jack so I made this new thread, based on this one here Revisiting Rule-based AI - Unreal Engine Forums, if you want some context. , But I’d love to get a primer about basic A.I. logic, if you would be willing to recommend something. I’m developing some very basic A.I using simple logical checks like this along with other update events that check those values, or allow for other events to interrupt the process. But I feel I could benefit from reading more about this process.

My project is involving firefighters and basic A.I. for them to move around. Right now I’m simply building the actual logic, no assets like characters/animations, I’m just playing with the system. End goal is for them to execute assignments and respond to other simple conditions, like smoke visibility reducing theirs speed, which increases time left to complete phase but also allow for events to with delay or end the current phase they are on, and lead down a different path. Right now though, I think my current understanding is to create logic that just seems to behave intelligent, but I think it’s piecemeal and not necessarily planned. I should note though - I’m less interested right now in the more machine-learning-like A.I, something that like maps a room, and more in the simple decision-tree classic design.

I’ve read through (though not truly comprehended, (especially behavior trees) Unreal’s AI, but that was mainly for understanding the engine’s logistics behind it, like working with nav meshes.

I do think I will need to master behavior trees before the end of this but I need to first put some type of rudimentary system in blueprint so I can see how it all works together, because I’m much, much more familiar and able to comprehend complex systems in blueprint. Do you have any recommendations?

Please thread jack and lets discuss.