Recommedations for books and/or anything for a complete noob?

So, new to this entire thing. I have like the most basic knowledge in game development (I’ve made a few flash based game :P) I’ve been watching the Live training videos and the other tutorials by Unreal Engine. But I tend to forget a bit of information here and there since it is a lot to take in at a time (at least for me…) so I was thinking maybe someone could recommend a book or something of the sort so if I ever need a refresher I can just look it up instead of watching the video again.

P.S What about this one? Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Beginner’s Course

P.P.S Can I get genre recommendations? No puzzles ones tho… Someone did recommend an escape the room-ish game which I am considering… But first I need the right tools.

Sorry if too many questions and thx :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it myself, but that video course has been recommended by others. But don’t buy it at less than 75% off. Udemy courses starts pretty expensive but there are very frequent deep discounts. Create an account and put it on your wishlist to get notified.

I’m gonna try it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m getting it at 10$ so… yeah nothing to lose there

Oh well, there’s a lot of few free good books out there with videos too.

Do you recommend anything else over that? I don’t wanna waste time on it if I don’t have to.