Recent brief discussion about Augmented reality gaming

At the time, while we were discussing up-and-coming game ideas to use UE4 with; we instantly brought up Pokémon Go and then evolved the conversation about how the idea and concept about it suddenly getting a wide base. We then proceeded to pipeline dream about possible ideas that evolved around AR gaming when we spoke about Pokémon Go.

I pitched ideas of Ark Survival could take advantage of this idea and pushed it further within the group. Then moved to it’s concepts and how it would be successful at something like this. There wasn’t much talk on Ark Survival, nor did the friends of mine know what it was. I then pushed The Sims to this idea and it easily was praised only for a little while.

Right now, we’re trying to get concepts going on either these two or just the idea behind AR gaming in general. Some see it as a potential market to bring up innovative ideas to the table. I just thought I’d bring this to the UE forums for further discussion.

Not to mention, the discussion took place in Skype. We’re actually trying to get more input from the community, and others on-board with the idea behind this.