Receiving to paypal

I plan on releasing assets, will i be able to receive payment to paypal as i do on unity asset store?

This is really important for me i moved to other country and i yet have no ability to open bank account here
due to my limitations, if i can’t sell this with paypal it means 2-3 weeks of work down the drain.
inb4: you should have read before

i read guidelines, but i kinda missed the statement that i will need to provide tax and etc,
because i never previously had to do that selling anything online, and i just assumed that
paypal is enabled by default as everybody else uses it.

As far as I know it’s not possible to use PayPal at the moment.

You will have to pay taxes in your country no matter how you receive the money.

So youre saying that Epic will monitor if i pay taxes or not? Thats the case?
This is really strange. I never seen anyone doing that ever lol.

I believe what John is saying is that you have to pay your taxes, regardless, I don’t think Epic is gonna be monitoring your bank account, but whatever the equivlaent of the IRS will certainly give you problems!

If you can’t open up a bank account right now, it’s best to just wait until you can. It is frustrating to have a product that you’ve worked hard on that you can’t profit from, but dealing with tax lawyers is even more frustrating!

Haha no i dont have to deal with them :slight_smile: It means i will have to rip my *** apart trying to make soemthing happen in my homeland while i am here.
Like give my friend a right to manipulate my account and etc… duh its gonna be annoying.