Receiving Input in Child Actors

I recently made a basic grapple system for a character that I decided to migrate to its own child actor blueprint in the interest of keeping things clean within my main character’s blueprint.

Everything has been working really well until trying to receive player input. I’m using nodes like “get moveRight” and “get moveForward” to read in Axis Values from the controller or keyboard - but when they’re moved into the child actor they only ever return “0.0”, and my main character stops moving.

Is there something I need to do to get this working again? I’m enabling input when I use the grapple, and disable it when it’s done doing what it needs to.

Thank you for any help!

In your input events, check off “Override Parent Binding”,


Thank you for the response - this is working a lot better.

As a follow-up question to this sort of setup, is it bad practice to constantly write the horizontal and vertical inputs to floats? I’d really like to use these inputs in specific functions.


I don’t know any other way to do it. You will have to write values to float constantly. If you find any other way to do it, do post it here.

These get the same value as “get moveRight” and “get moveForward”

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