Receiving errors when building ver 4.4

Hey guys,

I am trying to build the 4.4 engine code but I am having the following errors pop up on me (See Attached…)

I do not have an occulus rift, but I assume the issue is because of error “cannot open input file ‘libovr64.lib’”. First I tried to build from my old repo that was updated to 4.4 from 4.2, but that failed with the same error. Since I had not actually made any changes (just studying code), following the instructions I created a new fork, cloned, installed required files (downloaded this morning), but I still receive the same errors. I am building with “Development Editor” and “Win64”.
I have had the code build properly for me the last time I tried, but I also re-downloaded the DirectX Runtime and re-installed just to be safe.

The only other thing I have done is updated Visual Studio to the new Update 4 CTP 1 update (after reading about the nice performance increases! :slight_smile: ).

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

LINK TO AnswerHub Post:

Replying to this post with the answer from AnswerHub incase anyone else has the same issue:

This has fixed my issue, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Hi the link for the file is down…

This was a temporary fix for an issue in version 4.4. You no longer need to add these files in. :slight_smile: