RebuildNavigation command in 4.20

Hi Guys. I have a project working in 4.18 where I have a procedurally generated environment from a JSON file. For that environment, I have a navmesh which I resize to the size of the environment and run the command “RebuildNavigation” from blueprint node. This all is working great in 4.18

Now I expect the same working in 4.20, but, as I can observe, there is no command by the name of “RebuildNavigation” in the console of 4.20. Was it renamed to something else? Was it removed? If so, what are the solution to build the navmesh at runtime?

any answer to this?

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Anyone found anything on this?

With Project Settings > Navigation > Runtime Generation set to Dynamic, anything within the navmesh volume automatically updates any blocking volumes which occur at runtime. Maybe this can help cover many cases we might need to rebuild navmesh

@Chkoupinator Hey. I posted an answer which might help you. No console command but we can trigger the rebuild of navmesh. Worth checking out an alternative solution.