Rebuilding grass map after changing ground texture leaves leftover grass meshes

I’m having a strange issue with the procedural landscape grass. I have a pretty basic layer blend material for texturing my landscape and have my ‘grass’ texture linked up to output a landscape grass type. I painted some grass texture around and everything was populating correctly, however when I edited some spots where grass had been misplaced (just painted over with a mud texture) the grass meshes are still there.

I’ve tried rebuilding grass maps and it seems to be having no effect. I’ve double checked the opacity on the new texture too (to make sure it’s 100% opacity and not a blend of the two).

Anyone have any ideas?

This is the output from building grass meshes, am I doing something wrong with it?

Depends on how you have it set up.
Are you subtracting Mud from the Grass in the grass output?

And /or - are you using a completely different (no alpha) channel to paint the grass (which is usually 100% a better choice) ?

The landscape layer debug mode could help you figure out what layers are actually painted too.

And a restart of the project could also help when things get stuck.
Usually they ate stuck in memory…

This is how I have it set up. I’ve also tried opening and closing the project to no avail.

I agree with MostHost, can you show what’s feeding into the grass node in the material?


Looks like the grass is still there where the mud is :frowning: is there a way to erase the texture? seems like painting over it isn’t doing anything

Hmmm… can’t say anything definitive. It really depends how you coded the material. Have you tried just painting the grass layer with the shift key held?

Could jusat have to do with the wrong type of landscape layers. You know, when you want alpha but you select no blend by mistake sort of thing.

Either way without seeing the full material we can’t know.
From your “grass_01” to Grass you are just doing it wrong. You need to subtract mud if you don’t want grass to show up on mud.