Rebuild source code every time?

Hello guys,

I would like to code a double jump (like in UDK / Unreal tournament) in c++.
In the first person shooter template the jump is handle by setting a variable (bPressedJump) on true. And it’s all.
I have downloaded and compiled the source code to have acces at the function DoJump() and CanJump() (Character.cpp). I have added some variables, some checks in the CanJump() function to handle the double jump as I want. But any changements there required a new build of UE4, and it take ages on my computer (25 to 30 minutes). It’s possible to make partial build ? Or build only modified classes ? Move Character.h and .cpp to my project to build faster ? Or I’m on the wrong way to do what I want ?

Waiting your reply.

I suggest you take a look at the following tutorial:

Unreal Engine Wiki - First Person Shooter Tutorial

It goes through creating a character class that is in your own project, rather than editing the UE4 source directly, which could reduce compile time due to only having to compile your project and not the whole engine each time.

In fact, I am already on a “personal” project (with its own character, projectile, gamemode, HUD, classes). This project is created with the First Person Template.

Btw, I have found the solution, I dont need to change the source code, I just have to OVERRIDE all functions that I need to customize inside my own project. I have acces to the original code then it’s easy to eventually copy/paste the code with some minors changes.

Why source engine is different form the launcher engine?Do you have any idea about this one ?I don’t know how to make engine cpp being skipped when generate projects

Hey Jingz-

The launcher engine has all of the source code precompiled and cannot be changed. You can create a class that is a child of a base class and add your own functionality to it, but you cannot affect the base class itself. Using the source engine allows you to make changes directly to source code to affect the functionality of base classes.