Rebuild/Save broken project

Hi! I’ve spent almost week now trying to fix my broken unreal project but I cant seem to get it to work. I have managet to be able to start it up again in the editor but there still are some problems with the c++ parts. Things I’ve tried is Regenerating project files, switching unreal versions and deleting .vs, saved, Intermediate, Binaries folders and the .sln file.I tried rebuilding from the .sln file and when lanching editor. Got no clue whats wrong, these are some of the errors I get trying to lanch and build. Any idea of what I can do? I kinda just wanna “restore project” and have it go back to some default state but save my files atleast.




What is this BoulesExtreme module? Is this the name of your project or some additional plugin that you are using?

Based on the image, there is an issue on line 217 of MemoryOps.h regarding converting SourceElementType to DestinationElementType. Can you show this line, if possible? Are you able to comment out this line without causing other issues in the code; just to see if the project can compile then?

Sorry but this type of issue is hard to debug in this way, without having access to the project itself. If you are comfortable with doing so, can you provide a zip for this project? Otherwise, I cannot assist further, and maybe somebody else knows more.

My email is, so if you can make a private github repo or send some sort of download link, that would be fine by me.

That is the name of my project.

Problem is that that code is not from me, its Unreal engine code. My code is maybe like 20 lines of code.

I could, I don’t want to send a public link though but I could send it to a selected few. How would I go about doing that? Can’t see any emails of private message option.

Thank you for taking the time, I’ve sent you a link.

Devin Sherry Is a legend and helped me solve it. After cleaning out some old c++ code, disabling the plugins SmoothSyncPlugin, AdvancedSteamSessions, and AdvancedSessions in the .uproject file and deleting the folders: Binaries, Intermediate, and Saved folders. Then regenerated the project files (right clicking the .uproject) and rebuilt the project. It seems to have work! No more hair loss for me :slight_smile:

Just for clarification for anyone coming across this thread with a similar issue:

  1. There were three plugins installed: SmoothSyncPlugin, AdvancedSteamSessions, and AdvancedSessions. These can be found in the .uproject file and can be disabled easily by changing the code flag from true to false. Disabling these plugins was the first step because the project could not be launched due to these plugins not existing on my local machine when assisting in debugging.

  2. There was a lone source file called CManager.cpp, without a proper header/.h file. This was causing additional compile errors, so I deleted this file since it was unusable.

  3. After the previous steps, I closed out of the IDE (Rider in my case), and deleted the Binaries, Saved, and Intermediate files. Then, regenerated the project files and rebuilt the project successfully.

After discussions with Ganiester via email, he had mentioned to me that he was removing old/unused code and it seems that he missed that CManager.cpp.

In general, if running into these kinds of problems, try the above suggestions and perhaps trying searching for unlinked code such as the CManager.cpp. I hope this thread helps :slight_smile:

And i have mistakenly deleted sorce folder too. And dont know how to recover it. I am stuck outa no where