Rebuild fails while Editor and VS Studio 2019 both open

Subject: Rebuild fails while Editor and VS Studio 2019 both open

I ve been using UE 4.25 & VS Studio 2019 for a couple of months now. After updating VS Studio 2019 to 16.7.1 , when I hit rebuild with VS Studio while the UE Editor it fails because of cleaning fails ; giving access error to DLL files.

there is no crash or anything , you can immediately do clean and build and Editor works quite stable .

It refers MSWindows Nmake file some lines overthrew. I saw there were similar issues back in UE4.18 version but it was fixed and to be honest it was working for me until 4-5 days. I believe the issue is similar ; error reporting Rebuild.bat file or maybe something else (but both clean and Build.bat files work) It may be Rebuild command line might have to be tweaked for Windows Pro latest updates…

But if I do clean and Build separately it works. Or if I close the Editor it works fine too.
Using UE4.25.3 , VS Studio 2019 16.7.1, and WinPro…

I have another machine with almost the same setup but using Window Home version and it works fine. I can rebuild while the Editor is open.

I really appreciate if you can have a look at it at your convenience or guide me if I can fix it on my side just my changing on some command line option in the project settings at least.

I posted several time hope it works this time :)))