Rebuild-able Wood Barricades

So alright guys I got a question for ya, not to familiar with blueprints, know my way around though. Before i dive into what im working on, i got a question for y’all.
Is it possible for me to do this:
So basically call of duty zombies style wooden window barricades, I have open windows in my level im designing, i also have a wooden barricade mesh i made. IS there a way with blue prints I can set some sort of trigger up when player approaches window where on screen it would pop up and they could click a GUI to “buy” a barricade that would then appear on the window. I will attach an image below.

Yes this is perfectly possible.

You will want to add a Box Collision to your BP that will go over the window and then use the OnBeginOverlap Event to trigger when to display the GUI that will enable a user to purchase a barricade.

Thanks for the speedy reply! I will give this a go and update you :slight_smile: Thanks again bud!

I dont seem to see a “box Collision” in the blue print list.

hmm i can seem to find Onbeginoverlap event?

Hey Dirten have you seen my tutorials series I just started? I am working on a tutorial series for recreating Nazi Zombies from start to finish in blueprints. Take a look here:

Ah! This is awesome man! Will be following for the portion of buying window barricades to see how you go about it! DevilsD helped me out with it, but can’t ever learn too much!