REBOUND ARENA gameproject , Blueprint-learning project. c&c more than welcome!

Hello I am a Belgian 3D artist that would love to start learning blueprints in Unreal 4

to do this i created myself a task that i will try to complete a mini-game in three months (end June)

I will post all my progress in this thread so please feel free to give feedback.
c&c , tips , tutorials etc are more than welcome!

I created an image to explain my game concept which will hugely focus on the ricochet / combo mechanic that i will implement.

I will start with the artassets and style,
As you can see in the concept the hexagon shape will be dominant in this game so i will try to use as many hexagons in the assets/art aswell.

I already made some blockout assets for the visual part of the game ,

This is the blockout of my ingame arena , which will be the playfield of the player.

This is how the camera would be positioned.
I will use a limited colorpalette with only plain color textures accompanied with particle effects and some cool shaders.
As for the AI i will try to implement as much on the playfield as possible , the info of the pillars could be placed on top of them and the score could be shown on screens around the arena.

I’ll be back next week for more :slight_smile: