[Reboot] Medieval Combat Starter Kit

This is a reboot of the original Medieval Combat Starter kit asset, completely rebuilt from scratch including (Animations, Meshes, Sounds, FX, Code), This new reboot is a **FREE update **meaning that if you had bought the original asset you will receive the update ( Only applies to UE4 4.18, 4.19 , 4.20 and future engine versions, older engine versions wont receive the update)

The Medieval Combat Starter kit is a full C++ Project focused on melee / medieval combat mostly featuring swords and shields. The intent of the kit is to provide a great starting point for the melee combat of your next project / game, providing a solid framework to build on

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  • Full Replication / Multiplayer Support: You can play either by yourself or against other persons since the kit fully features replication support
  • Precise hit detection: Very precise hit detection for various weapon types, meaning that what your weapon hits in the world is truly what you are hitting
  • Physical Weapons:Weapons ricochet when swung off against the environment or world geometry, as well for blocking and weapon interactions the weapon itself is used
  • Multiple Weapon Types ( 2H & 1H Swords, 1H Sword + Shield )
  • Fully Featured Melee Combat ( Normal Swings, Reversals, Heavy Swings, Blocking, Block Breaks, Parries and Ricochets )
  • Stamina Management:Each action consumes stamina, without stamina you cant swing or block
  • Solid combat feel: swings generate sounds, Impact FX, as well camera animations to enhance the combat feeling
  • Multiple Sounds and Effects for Weapons ( Impacts against world, against flesh, against other swords
  • Third and First Person camera support:The kit can be used in both first and third person
  • Example Content included : The kit includes two fully featured weapon types (2H Swords & 1H Sword + shield, 1H Sword ) Each including its own animation set, Impact and swing sounds as well FX
  • Customizable: Every aspect of the kit can be customized, every parameter and feature has been fully exposed to the end-user
  • Montage-Based:The timings for the attacks as well each of the actions like turning on weapon tracing are handled trough animation montages, meaning that they are both easy to setup and customize to your like
  • Health, Damage and Death:Swings cause damage, deplete your health and eventually kill the player