REBOOT - Looking for artist / developers

Hello Guys,

I wish I could tell everyone about the reboot, and where I am from but I can not.

But here is what I can tell you.
I was previous working on a big title that never seen the day of light… The main reason was we did not have access to the kind of tech that is around now… About 10 years ago or longer access to anything like this would cost at least 100k minimum… Ya I was offered some pretty pricey payment plan options but overall the good tech was unobtainable without selling your kidneys… And even that prob would not have been enough.

As the team continued to try to build our own tech… members where poached… I lost top telent to Microsoft Games, Zipper, and a few others along the way. We had press releases and interviews with IGN, war cry and even a few possible buyout inquiries.

In the end we just could not continue to compete with these big guys. They had a lot more money then we did… so the game ultimately failed and we folded the LLC.

Years have past, I recently been in contact with a few of the core members on the team and we are again looking to put together another game but this time we have the tech we lacked… The unreal 4 engine… we use to drool over previous version of the unreal engine… We spent more time trying to build editor tools to make creating a game feasible then actually coding the game. The art pipeline had more problem as well due to the lack of tools.

We are now looking to reboot the original game but we will no longer be building the insane tech that is required for a MMO title… Even though the seamless loading system that unreal has is amazing we won’t be needing it for this game…

The basics of this game is a quick match multiplayer shooter… We will be keeping lots of our original style… including some of the characters classes.

Can’t tell you much about it but If your interested in working with my team and I.
I will do some contracts, possible royalties based on work produced… We can discuess this more… May even do some paid work but the game has no budget so as you can imagine paid work would be at a minimum.

The launch plan is to build a prototype and go to Kickstarter with it… Another things we did not have access too that may have changed the fate of our original title.

Here is some of the telent we will be looking for if you may be interested.

Software Developers who know the engine and C++… Our current lead is currently porting a AAA title over to the iPhone using the unreal engine. He will be ultimately lead on this project. So you would work on task he has planned out.

3D artist that can produce cartoon like characters and animate them.
Would like to maybe plug in maxamo to help with this…

Environmental/3D artist, we will need to build a lot to buildings to our style… We have multiple concepts as well as photo references.
We have a system in mind if how this would work. We will be using it to build a lot of unique buildings with min 3D design work.

Uv mapping will be required and texture skills are desired… Will be looking for a lot of cartoon textures.

We are still very early in the robot but if anyone may be interested let me know.

Thanks Guys,
And sorry I can’t exactly show much yet.