Rebind Inputs with blueprints?

I know that a lot of people have asked about this feature , and even more have asked about it with blueprints.
I also want to know where is this feature in the development path and when can we expect it ?

Thanks !

There is not currently a function for doing this but you could create your own function and make it accessible from blueprints.
There is an example of this in the vehicle game sample.

DO SHARE where is the rebinding feature , cuz i can’t find it

I would love to have the ability to rebind action maps via blueprint at runtime, So you can get players to customize their controls.

Yes it will also mean , making a menu once and having it work on linux mac and widows, no external launchers needed!

There is a function in SVehicleControlsSetup called RemapKey that achieves this. It does use a custom struct but it will illustrate how it is done until a real solution comes along.