Rebind hotkeys at runtime without rama?

How do you rebind hotkeys during runtime without using rama’s plugin?

For example if in Engine Input I have the JUMP key set to spacebar, how would I change it to the G key during runtime?

I read and write the config file, using C++

edit, i didn’t realize this was a BP thread. Honestly though, with bp, you’ll have to use ramas plugin. Unless someone else knows something i don’t.

Well, you could recreate Ramas Functions in BP i guess, but that’s not worth it.
(Open file, search ini string, write ini string, reload.)
If it’s possible to read / write files with BP (not sure about that)

Another solution would be to use the “any key” event and check with variables you have set of your keys.
Call Events based off these variables.

Do you know if there are any limitations, drawbacks or potential problems with this method?

You wouldn’t happen to know of any example of someone doing something similar to this? For example, what is meant by reload?

I remember watching a tuto on youtube, only BP keys rebinding. Using some kind of datatable to handle the “translation” keys event <-> input event in game. And using the UE user settings saving mechanism to keep it between relaunch of game.

As I’m happy with rama’s plugin, didn’t tested it to see if there were any limitation. The obvious limitation I see, is “keep the datatable clean”. would cause a big messe if it get multiple entry for the same input :smiley: (after I don’t know if UE4 event manager have some limitation, I don’t feel that just doubling the events with the get the key event, create a corresponding event should be a problem.)

I really hate the fact I have to use the anykey method. My gut instinct tells me I’ll run into many unknown problems that will arise.