Reasons to recommend Unreal

Hey, a bunch of folks at Slant are putting together a comparison of 3D game engines to serve as a comprehensive overview for people looking where to start with game development. Here’s the work-in-progress comparison:

There’s some initial info on Unreal, but even that’s pretty crappy right now. Mind helping out?

When you like you can add those points :slight_smile:

-the community → active mods/staff/members, friendly, you get fast help,…
-good documentation (official video tutorials, wiki,…)
-regular updates with new features

  • Full access and ability to modify source code is huge for us
  • Fast pace of release. They’ve been averaging a new feature release about every other month
  • Among the best target platform support - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, all the consoles, HTML5.

I have to say ease of prototyping due to Blueprints … these things make our game iterations so fast it is scary.

The editors are also a huge plus … my sound guy showed me how to use Sound Cues properly the other day and now he is getting mad with me because I keep changing his sound. 8-}

  • Engine developers/Epic staff have regular streams showing how to use features and other cool stuff, also the amount of interaction Epic has with the community is pretty unreal.
  • Lots of free example projects and content (Including some high quality content, all can be used commercially).

Looking at some of the other Pro’s/Con’s I’d also say:

  • Popular/Proven, it could be argued that UE4 might not be too mature but there are studios big and small using it.

These are tentative/future things but will be things to keep an eye on if you want to keep your list up to date:

  • Spoiled for Dynamic GI choices, VXGI, DFGI, RyanTorants AHR project and the old LPV GI.
  • Nvidia is working on a free implementation of their Gameworks coolness.

Thanks for the responses. Really appreciate it. I added a few things and I’ll keep an eye on this topic to see what else gets mentioned.

Simple: There is nothing like it.

All that above, plus an actual AI solution.

Other engines are lacking in that area.

>Great community of developers and staff
>Frequent, quality updates
>Great, expanding documentation
>Did I mention the great community?

SORiN sums it up nicely though. =)